The end is near

More info on our upcoming burials. As you might have heard, Otis is coming to an end. We had an awesome time but after 10 years, 3 albums and almost 200 shows it's time for us to move on. A few weeks ago we did our last foreign show at a surprise party for our friend Yohan in France, which leaves us with two domestic shows on the agenda. The first one is gonna take place at 't Beest in Goes. Other bands playing are Rites, Antillectual and Honningbarna from Norway. The final show is on Koningsnacht in Breda at Publieke Werken together with Drunk Sincerity, Smash The Statues and a NOFX coverband from Belgium. We hope to have some merch left then to throw in your face at discount prices. You can already download our entire discography for free at our Bandcamp page. Also, find yourselves a physical copy of Mest Magazine because there's a huge article about us in there. See you next month.


Signing off

Otis is going on an indefinite hiatus. Shortly after the show in Goes we will do one more show in Breda which will be announced in the very near future and that's gonna be it (for a while) so stay tuned for news about that final show and see ya in the pit.


We are turning your Prius into a soup kitchen

After Akkerpop with Kees on drums we did Incubate with Martijn on drums, and it turned out his injury was still fucking with him. So, Kees stepped up to the plate again and drummed for us in Oosterhout, Hengelo, Utrecht and Rotterdam. This thursday will probably be the last one without Martijn, when Kees is gonna help us open for He Is Legend at the Dynamo. We're on at 19:30 so don't be late. Check out a video filmed by our friend Koen last friday in Utrecht, and while you're at it, check out Jason Lee skating to No One Is Going To Take Care Of You in 1991.


Incubate and stuff

We had to cancel our upcoming show in Amsterdam with Bep this weekend (don't panic, Pheromones will fill in for us) because Martijn severely damaged his shoulder. He also won't be able to play drums at Akkerpop. It was too late to get his replacement ready for Amsterdam, but we are working hard to get him ready for Akkerpop! You know him by the name of Kees Haverkamp and he has done this before so no need to worry. Let's hope Martijn will be back in the saddle next month, because we will be playing at the Black Death Incubate Takeover together with our friends / other bands The Unborn And Friend, Angstgegner (first show!), Zachte Harde and Schelles. Yup, that's a total of only 12 different people on 1 stage the entire day. Shit's on 14:30 sharp, V39 venue. The week after that we'll be playing at the Angstgegner / Tarantino split releaseshow in Oosterhout, and after that it's gonna be Hengelo with Night Fever and Harda Tider. Check photos of the past shows in Ovezande, Breda and Goes right there. Most of 'em are taken by Nous.


De beste band van Nederland

More albumreviews are in, all of them pretty positive, but none as insane positive as this one right here in NRC Next which was a full two-page spread, labelling us the best band in The Netherlands. I was like OMG no way. You can still order the latest album from the best band in The Netherlands here (silver vinyl is as good as gone, be quick) or you can download the entire discography from the best band in The Netherlands here for only three (3) fucking euros. If you want to see the best band in The Netherlands live you can join us TONIGHT in Hoogstraten and on June 6th in Leuven and we are totally siked to announce that we'll be playing at the Akkerpop and Incubate festivals again this year! More coming up, see you in the pit.


The power of Christ compels you

The new album and our recent performances are harvesting great reviews as you can read here and here and here and here and here. There are photos online from the shows last month in Breda, Bosschenhoofd, Groningen, Hoorn and Leiden, and you can watch our complete set at Simplon on YouTube. As you might have noticed, we are currently in the process of booking and playing shows, so either book us or come see us! Or both. For the next week or so we got shows coming up in Goes, Breda and Ovezande. We're gonna film the entire show in Goes in high def so put on your dancing shoes and go wild! It's a free show so what's letting you? See you this friday!


Thug life

The albumrelease show was sick, thank you if you were there! You can order the vinyl LP (which includes the CD) online via or Discogs. The best deal on the digital version can be found on Bandcamp: high quality download of the entire album for only 3 eurios. On that same site you can also download all of our old releases for free, which means you can own the entire digital Otis catalogue for only 3 fucking euro! OMGWTF. The new album can also be found on iTunes, Spotify, Deezer, YouTube, de 3voor12 Luisterpaal, a nifty albumstream at and various other locations all across cyberspace. What's next? This saturday we're playing at Cafe Stroop in the township of Bosschenhoofd together with Zachte G Harde P and Uncontrollable Urgh, the weekend after that we're playing in Groningen and Hoorn, and at the end of the month we got this awesome show in Leiden. Check out the shows section for a complete list of more upcoming gigs, you better help us expand that list by booking us. Peace out.


Otis Christ Superstar Pre-orders

The Otis Christ Superstar pre-orders are up! Please visit and give us your money. NL and BE customers only for now, but if you live somewhere else, or if you need more Black Death releases please visit the Black Death website. The LP will be available in totally awesome clear / silver mix vinyl (limited to 100 copies), solid orange vinyl (limited to 200 copies) and genuine 140 grams black vinyl. All LP's come with a CD copy. The release party is on march 8th in Breda so I suggest you represent. Some super-limited swirl copies and gifts will be available to the very first customers there. Before we have our new album out, we got one show left. Our Barry (Knobel) can't make it so another Barry (Veeke) will fill in on guitar at Kadans in Wuustwezel, where we will be playing to a seated audience together with Monomyth, Maudlin, Musth and more! February 1st, Wuustwezel motherfuckers. Click on the show below for more info. More shows coming up, and we want you to book us!


Limited cassette Otis Christ Supertape

The show in Tilburg with Baroness was pretty awesome, thank you if you were there and stuck around to see us and / or picked up the limited edition cassette. Check out new songs one and two from that tape. Next up for us is Boemtikfest in pitoresque Goes at the end of the month, where we'll be playing with The Real Danger and more great stuff. Right after that we got more Studio 195 booked to end the album. It's gonna be a good one, we'll be bugging you with pre-orders pretty soon.


There Is No "I" In Team But There Is A "U" In Cunt

Hello. The forthcoming album is still doing fine, we are mixing a bunch of new songs and recording another bunch of new songs to bring you nothing but the best, eventually. The album title is OTIS CHRIST SUPERSTAR. One of the finished songs is called BORN ON A BED OF NAILS and is now up for FREE download on our Bandcamp page so go there or scroll down! And, as you can see we also have a brand new website online. Still putting the finishing touch to it so you will probably run into some dead links in the archives but it should work fine already. If not you can tell it to our face next Friday, September 27th, at a sold out 013 where we will be supporting Baroness together with Tangled Horns and Royal Thunder. We're closing off the night right after Baroness so please stick around and fuck your train home. Plenty of room on the shift stick. Holler!


Squeeze the trigger and bodies are hauled off

The end of 2012 was pretty awesome for us; we got flown in to play a show on the sunny island of Sardinia, and afterwards we did a bunch of awesome shows at home. One of 'em featured jazz legend Richard van Gerwen on synths (thanks bro!) and the others featured great fellow Dutch bands like Richie Dagger and Snowburner. Our first show for 2013 will also be with this last mentioned band. We'll be playing in Gouda with them and Acid Deathtrip so that night can only go very wrong. Put on your dance pants and participate. After that we're heading back to France one more time. We'll be playing in Paris and Tours again, so let's hope we'll live to see Wortel. We still could use a show somewhere in Belgium, Luxembourg or France on wednesday March 6th, so if you can help out please do so. Thanks. What else? New recordings are doing fine, expect more where this came from real soon.


Otis goes Sardinia, Unborn goes Goes

Tonight we will go fight and tietenbar in Charleroi because early tomorrow morning we'll have to catch a plane to Sardinia, Italy! We will play there at the Fabrik Club in Cagliari on thursday together with The Blacktones. Super siked. No time for vacationeering though, because we have to hurry back for Boemtikfest in Goes. The Unborn will be playing there on friday at 22:00, and since that band has a 75% overlap with Otis we got no choice. Awesome pre-weekend already!


Prepare to suck the cock of karma

The first three shows of our new run were pretty epic. We played in Nieuwendijk, Middelburg and Den Haag with awesome bands like Snowburner, Acid Death Trip, Tarantino and The Real Danger. High five if you were there, and thanks to the folks that set up these shows. Next up: Tilburg and Cagliari! Totally stoked. Another thing we did last week: we visited Studio 195 with director John de Haas and came out with audio and video for a new song called Hollowed Out Prayer.


The hiatus is back off, again

Hello. Summer is gone but Otis is back. We spent the past few months (individually) travelling Europe, renovating houses & gardens, getting involved in other musical projects, getting married and getting wasted. As a band we spent a full week in the south of France and came back with a fuckload of new material which we will unleash upon you in the near future. We got a number of shows lined up again, starting next week. On September 28th we're gonna rock out with old friends at the Snowburner 7" release show in Den Haag, and in October we'll be performing in Middelburg, Nieuwendijk, Tilburg and on the beautiful island of Sardinia, Italy. There's a whole lot more waiting to be confirmed after that so keep in touch and / or feel free to book us. Also coming up: new recordings at Studio 195 so expect some brand new songs on cyberspace real soon. What else? We're sorry to inform you that Greyline has recently broken up, but if you want to get your hands on their final release be our guest. We're also on it. You can download it for free or buy it on beautiful white 12" vinyl over there for only 10 eurios. And have you seen our awesome zombie video yet? Check it out.


The only church that illuminates is a burning one

The festival on queensday at W2 where we were supposed to play got cancelled due to bad presales. However, the Fehler albumrelease over there tomorrow featuring The Unborn is on like a motherfucker. What else? Next week (right after Groezrock) we will spend the entire week in a cottage in the south of France to work on our next album. After that we will be in mean-lean-fighting-machine mode with a shitload of brand new songs so y'all better book us. Yes, we are looking for a fuckload of shows all over Europe so send e-mail to get Otis 2.0 on the road. See you soon.


Zombie Holocaust

Our music video for "A Few Days Short Of A New Winter" is here! It premiered last friday at the videorelease party in Breda and we had a hell of a great time, thank you if you were there. Yesterday we put the video on Youtube and we already got 600+ views in less than 24 hours. Awesome! Haven't seen it yet? Watch it in HD here! Great job John de Haas! What's next? We will play at W2 in Den Bosch on the return of the legendary Her Majesty's Hardcore Birthday Party. After the show we're gonna drive to an isolated cottage in the French Dordogne to work on our next album for a week. No shit. An extensive report will be featured here, as well as lots of pictures and videos of all the stuff we did the last 6 months or so (like touring Scandinavia, France and The Netherlands releasing our new record) since the photo section on this site has been suffering a lack of updates mainly because the idiot admin is too busy demolishing and rebuilding his house, getting married and starting a new job. So, if you got cool recent pics of us please e-mail them to him. Thanks.


La torche humaine s'est vu refuser un pret bancaire

To quote the Black Death website: The idiots from Otis have gotten themselves booked in France this weekend. On friday they are playing in Paris and on saturday they will play in Tours for the fourth time in a row. Check out the Facebook event on this here. Later this month (friday 30/03) we're having the Otis videorelease at the Boulevard in Breda with Greyline, Human Demise and Kensington Arms so make sure to block your schedule that night and the morning after. Also playing shows again: The Unborn! Catch them on saturday 24/03 in Haarlem (Patronaat), friday 20/04 in Breda (Speeltuin) and thursday 26/04 in Den Bosch (W2) at the Fehler albumrelease! End of quote. See you in Paris. Oh and check out this video of us playing in slow motion at Building T a few weeks ago.


We're smoking reefer and you don't want no part of this shit

We are preparing for an already legendary weekend: this friday we will play in Leuven at the very first Unity Tours showcase. Elke van Rompuy will manage the shit out of us during this epic night at Room 66 where we will share the stage with Face The Fax and A Strength Within. Sounds like a pretty great pre-party for the sickest show of the year: the Black Death label night at Gebouw T in Bergen op Zoom on saturday. This will kick off at 20:00 and the line-up is Screw Houston Start Screaming / Walker Diver / Greyline / Envy The West / Otis / All On Black, plus DJ's and distro. Can you spell super fucking awesome? See you there! Free beer for the first 5 stagedives. For MP3's from every band that night plus more, download this awesome comp for zero euro.


Zombie Nation

The videoshoot yesterday was one of the coolest things EVER, we would like to thank director John de Haas plus crew and everybody that participated very much. There were more people than we hoped for and the result is even better than we thought it would be. Check out some photos here and the teaser trailer there. A release party will go down in Breda real soon, still working on everything so bear with us.


Videoshoot this sunday!

This sunday (22-1) we will shoot our first real video! It will be directed by John de Haas and will hopefully star YOU. Yes, you can still join the fun, check out the Facebook event right there and participate. Don't come out in your brand new clothes because we're gonna make a zombie out of you. See you sunday, 18:00 sharp, at the Boulevard in Breda. Hell yeah. Oh, and after that we got a great weekend coming up where you might wanna show up also. We will be playing at the very first Unity Tours showcase in Leuven on friday 3-2 and at the Black Death labelnight in Bergen op Zoom on saturday 4-2. Should be pretty awesome.


Looking for extras to star in our new video

First of all, we are sad to inform you that we have to cancel a show for the first time in our 6 year run. Martijn has an infection to his vestibular system which disables him to play drums tonight in Naaldwijk. Please contact Sweet Empire if you know a proper replacement. We are sorry for the inconvenience and hope to be back on track soon. Next show: Asgard, Beverwijk. What else? We are looking for extras to participate in our first professional video for "A Few Days Short Of A New Winter". We will start shooting in January 2012 and it's gonna be awesome! Sign up for this by sending e-mail to Mario and achieve superstardom.


Blah blah blah

So, what have we been up to the passed couple of months? We released a new record, played a whole bunch of shows all over Western Europe, hired a manager, released a crappy video, and made plans for a decent video AND new recordings. Photos and more info on everything coming up real soon. Come check us out this friday because we will be playing in Naaldwijk together with Sweet Empire and more. Now I'm off to see Gillian Welch play in Antwerp. Bye!


Skandinavien här kommer vi!

The new record is out and looks AMAZING. Pre-orders have been shipped and the next chance to get your hands on this awesome piece of white vinyl is at one of our upcoming shows up north! Tomorrow morning at 6:00 we will commence our journey from Roosendaal to Scandinavia. The schedule: on thursday we will be playing with Pet The Preacher at Beta in Copenhagen, on friday with Pyramido at Debaser in Malmo and on saturday with Crypt Of The Zombilord at Divine in Boras. Check out the poster here and Facebook events here, here and here. Dates for the release weekend with Greyline in Holland: friday 30-09 at Boemtikfest in Goes and saturday 01-10 at de Heksenketel in motherfucking Roosendaal.


Epidemic Of The Forked Tongue

A few days ago our alter ego The Unborn opened for OFF! in Amsterdam and it was great. We even got the chance to talk with Keith Morris. He's gonna play "Car Chase" on his radio show and gave this release his seal of approval and so made us happy campers. Back to the Otis. At the end of September (we hope before our Scandinavia trip) Black Death will release our new split 12" with the funkmeisters from Greyline. It will be entitled Epidemic Of The Forked Tongue and it contains 14 minutes of Greyline (3 songs) and 11 minutes of Otis (4 songs). We are very proud of this thing already, be on the lookout for a bunch of joint gigs throughout The Netherlands and Belgium later this year. But first, like I said, Scandinavia! We still could use one show on our way back on the 25th (somewhere around Hamburg?) so if you can help out please do so. Thanks. Still wondering what do to this weekend? Tonight The Light Brigade releases its new record in Tilburg and tomorrow there's a nice festival in Roosendaal where you can check out Envy The West and The Kik and more. Hope the weather will be nice and we won't get fucked in the ass by God again like at Pukkelpop last week. Thanks to Zanger Rinus for providing the most awesome plan B.


3voor12 Luisterpaal and The Dillinger Escape Plan

Awesomeness part 1: as of right now you can hear a brand new Otis tune called "Stupidity Afloat" on! The song will also be released on the split 12" with Greyline which will be out at the end of september. Thanks to Richard van Gerwen for playing keys on this track. Awesomeness part 2: this sunday (August 7th) we will be supporting DILLINGER ESCAPE PLAN at Tivoli Utrecht! I shit you not. See you then.


Opening for Kylesa up in Fryslan

This sunday we are doing a show together with our matties from Greyline in Leeuwarden opening for none other than Kylesa from Georgia! Be there early because we're kicking off at 16:00 sharp!


First ever Scandinavian show confirmed

We are happy to announce that we will be performing at the Debaser in Malmo, Sweden on 23 September 2011. The idea is to do more shows in Scandinavia around that time so get in touch. What else? We got photos and a review up from our awesome weekend with Fucked Up, go check it out. Coming soon: a sneak preview from the split 12" with Greyline.


Melkweg and 013 with Fucked Up!

The show in Breda was a total blast. Thanks to New Pokerface for setting this up again, to Screw Houston and Men Of Mega for bringing the noise, and to all the boys and girls in the audience for being there. Sold out for the 3rd year in a row! Fuck yeah. The end of the night is kinda blurry though. Oh well. Pictures up here soon. Next up we got 2 shows opening for none other than FUCKED UP. On saturday May 14th we're playing at 013 in Tilburg and on sunday May 15th at the Melkweg in Amsterdam. The day before all that (friday 13th ofcourse) you must go see The Unborn at the Boulevard in Breda. Bazen weekendje denk.


Couldn't sell out a telephone booth

My ears are still ringing from Roadburn. Some awesome performances took place again in Tilburg , check out clips from some of my personal favourites: Woven Hand, Ghost, Earth, Winter, Godflesh, Weedeater and the almighty Swans. No time to recover from all this, because tonight we are playing a very very last minute free show in the basement of the Faster Forward offices in Bergen op Zoom! Also playing is The Evidence from Canada. Be there at 20:00. The address: Stationsstraat 23-25 (next to the train station). After this we're gonna leave for London to go see THE DESCENDENTS and after that is our Koninginnenacht show in Breda where our homies from Men Of Mega have been added to the line-up. Legendary night already. We've got even more awesomeness coming up like opening for Fucked Up but more on that later on. See you tonight! BYOB!


Gebouw T photos and videos online

We had a great time at Gebouw T, thanks to Justin Schlee for shooting these awesome videos! Check it out right there. Out now: the Otis / Daily Fire split 10" re-issue, handnumbered, limited to 50 copies and looking pretty fucking nice. Next show: our annual show on Koninginnenach in Breda with New Pokerface, be there early because last year it sold out even before the first band struck its first chord. If you show up in an orange Otis t-shirt you get a free beer.


Matt Lauer can suck it

We had a small break to focus on new material but here we are again, so go hide your daughters and small animals that are incapable of defending themselves. We did another show with Greyline last week in Friesland and we decided to take our male bonding skills to the next level so we're gonna release a split 12" record. We're stoked, stay tuned for more on this. Our 1st split effort (the 10" with Daily Fire from 2006) is gonna be re-issued with new artwork by Black Death later this month, we hope to have that one ready for our show at Gebouw T with Peter Pan Speedrock. Speaking of old releases: we're now giving away our debut album for free here so you can save money for the upcoming 12". See you the 26th in Bergen op Zoom.


Hail Satan

We had an awesome time last sunday in Amsterdam playing with Omission and Burning Love. The excessive amounts of snow didn't stop us from picking up our good friend Bart in Utrecht and he took these great pictures again. Just follow that link and click on the asscrack. Great night with lots of old friends, if you weren't there you really missed out on something. Well, that's it for Otis this year, see you in the next one in which we hope to record our third album and finally make that switch from soft to harddrugs. See ya.


Otis, Omission & Burning Love in Amsterdam on sunday

The show with Antillectual last friday was real nice, we've got an audio recording up here. Next sunday we're gonna do our last show of this year and it's gonna be total fucking armageddon. We're playing at the Winston Kingdom in Amsterdam together with Omission and Burning Love. Amazing lineup. Be there early because we're kicking off at 18:30 sharp!


A Few Days Short Of A New Winter

Last monday night we recorded a bunch of brand new songs live at Studio 195 with Patrick Delabie. One of those songs is already up for download and / or streaming in the mp3 list right there. The song is called A Few Days Short Of A New Winter and it's about fucking in the streets. Let us know what you think of it, and come see us play with Antillectual in Eindhoven next friday. So not this friday, but the next one.


Everything for free

Like I said, we're in the process of recording every little pointless thing we do and we're sharing it with you whether you like it or not. Check out the mp3 section to find a big list of mp3's featuring songs from our albums, rehearsel & studio demo's and live recordings. Download each song seperatly or take the motherload in one handy zip file. The most recent thing up there is a live version of Cast The First Stone from the show in Zevenbergen last week (photos are up here). The mp3 list will be updated regularly so keep an eye out for that, we hope to have some more new stuff up there real soon. We're currently recording new songs, some covers (like Caboose f.i.) and we've got a couple of shows coming up which will also get recorded and posted. If we don't suck too hard, that is. #nowplaying: OFF! - Peace In Hermosa.


Loesoe in de sky met diamonds om m'n nek bitch

Visit the photo section to check out a report on our French trip from last month. The pictures from last week's show in Zevenbergen will be up there later this week, along with the audio from that show. We bought a nifty recording device which is working excellent so as of pretty soon we're gonna bore you with every single note we can commit to mp3. Speaking of recording: Studio 195 is booked again for this upcoming monday. On to album #3.


Split your lungs with blood and thunder

Next friday (19-11) we're playing at the Tune Inn in Zevenbergen. We have no idea what else is playing, what it costs and at what time it starts, but if you show up at 21:00 I think you'll be okay. The address is Kristallaan 25D in Zevenbergen. If you have more info please tell us so we can post it here since it is probably the only source on the internet to find out. More suggestions for shows the coming week: Trash Talk is in town so go see 'em tonight in Tilburg with Cornered and this monday in Antwerp with Vogue. What else? Go check out Black Death's Blogspot for a shitload of free downloads like our entire split with The Unborn from 2009.
[EDIT] And the additional info for the Zevenbergen show is here now. We're on at 23:00 sharp. [/EDIT]


Weekendje weg

Here are the Incubate and Breda Barst pics. Thanks folks, awesome stuff there! Next up (saturday October 16th) we will do a one-off show in France at the Canadian Cafe in Tours. Yeah that's right, 600 km back and forth for a single show, woohoo! We are aware of the fact that we are utterly retarded. The day after The Apers will be playing at the exact same spot so we're probably (maybe) gonna stay for the entire weekend and hang out with Yohan and the rest of our amis Francais. Looking forward to it!


Happy 9/11

This year's Incubate theme is piracy so in that case (we figured) it would be pretty unnecessary to actually get booked, right? Thanks to Maarten from Sounds we're gonna set up shop in Tilburg during the fest on wednesday September 15th at Sounds, and will be followed by the Shikari curated evening (The Hunger, Expulsion, Drainland, Shikari) at V39. This event will kick off at 20:00, our Sounds instore will be around 18:30 and will be over well in time for you to walk 10 minutes from Sounds to V39. You won't be needing an Incubate ticket for our showcase. The following weekend we're gonna have to go back and forth between Tilburg and Breda to get busy over there: on friday (17) we will guest star on Stadsradio Breda again and on saturday (18) we're playing at Breda Barst again. We will be headlining in the Spaanse Kraag tent while Destine will be playing the main stage at the same time so let's pray for rain ;-) ... Other bands at Breda Barst: Dog Eat Dog, Gruppo Sportivo, Vanderbuyst and more. Other bands at Incubate: The Ex, Black Mountain, Skeletonwitch, Gadget, Part Chimp, Six Organs of Admittance and also Vanderbuyst and more. Check out the photos from the past couple of weeks in Gemert, Meer and Wortel.


Hoogstraten motherfucker

Check out the Akkerpop photos here! Timeschedule for the show in Wortel-Hoogstraten this saturday: 20h Midnight Souls, 21h Otis, 22h Oathbreaker and 23h Landscapes from the UK.


Playing with Monotonix, Electric Eel Shock, The Responders, Midnight Souls, Oathbreaker, etc.

Eindhoven was pretty awesome, we had good times hanging at a pretty crowded Rambler with the Wiericx sisters, Maarten van der Poll, R.J. de Pauw, John de Haas and zullie Mitchel. Onno's nakedness in a too small van was the cherry on the pie again. Footage up here some time soon. We got a bunch of cool shows coming up: this friday (August 20) we will play at the Zebra Festival in Gemert (NL) together with The Responders, Red Track, pole dancers (!) and more. The next day you can check out bands like Hooghwater and the Hot Stewards there. After that we got 2 shows in a row in Hoogstraten coming up. On saturday (August 28) we're playing at Akkerpop in Meer-Hoogstraten (BE) with great acts such as Electric Eel Shock, Monotonix, Gino's Eyeball and Hard Resistance, and the next saturday (September 4) we're playing in Wortel-Hoogstraten at JH 't Slot together with Oathbreaker, Midnight Souls and more. What else? Still need Eurotour help and you should add this site to your favorites.


Your mom goes to college

Next week we will play at the Rambler in Eindhoven with the girls from Civet (USA) so come say hi. We're working on a whole bunch of new (cover)songs and recordings, and pretty soon we'll post a shitload of videos here from previous shows. We still could use help with the Otis / Greyline tour so please get in touch. Merci beaucoup, thank you very much, hartelijk dank.



I uploaded some drawings we received from the kids as a thank you and with that, this show has moved from the "awesome" status straight to "legendary". That's all for this update because I'm kinda busy right now, but I just had to share. Later today: voetbal & NOFX in Amsterdam!


How can we be expected to teach children to learn how to read if they can't even fit inside the building

We did a show for 4 year old kids which was great, check it out. More photos coming soon. This saturday we will play for grown-ups again, in Utrecht together with Whitney Houston Start Screaming and a bunch of other bands so y'all come on over.


Cobra Skulls

Tonight there is a supernice FREE SHOW in Breda at the Groene Sael starring The Unborn from Roosendaal, Sweet Empire from de Randstad and Cobra Skulls from Reno, Nevada. Be there at 20:30, watch out for speakers falling from the ceiling.


Otis / Greyline European tour in October

Greyline and Otis will be touring Europe together October 13 - 20. They will be around Belgium, Luxembourg, France, Switzerland, Austria and Germany. All the info you can possibly need is located at this microsite. If you can help please contact and earn our everlasting gratitude.


Modest Hyppoliet Joanna Schoepen

Check out @dvdwinden's pics of us plowing through the soundmud at Borstrock by following this link. Other news: finally saw Iron Man 2 and it kicked ass, and bought The Men Who Stare At Goats on DVD which I will hopefully watch later this week. Gone too soon: Ronnie James Dio. Also dead: Bobbejaan Schoepen. I just learned that this was only his stage moniker, his actual name was Modest Hyppoliet Joanna Schoepen. I shit you not. Random pic: Martijn Konings.


Walter lives!

Walter is fully recovered from the incident after the Storm Is Coming show in Breda the other night so he's back to his old self again unfortunately. Quite a legendary night, the joint was sold out within an hour with a whole bunch of people locked out so that's a pretty good score if you ask me. The photos by Iris can be spotted here. Sorry if you couldn't get in, we will make up for it in September. It's gonna be sick. Also: new t-shirts! Check 'em out in the webshop, we got nice orange ones for the upcoming WK dus sla je slag. Next show: Borstrock this saturday, with our fuck buddies from All On Black again and When All Light Dies.


We don't fake it we just take it

Good Cop Bad Mood album show pics can be seen here, audio can be heard there. Come see us do our Storm Is Coming album show this thursday April 29th (Koninginnedag) at Publieke Werken in Breda together with with Righteous Kill, All On Black and New Pokerface. We're gonna have some limited edition new t-shirts with us so bring money.


Breedje dizzle

Area 51 and Podium Bloos turned out great. Too bad most of Eindhoven hung out at Paaspop but Breda represented just fine and delivered a drunken mosh while we were squeezing out our first album. Thanks Rik FTK & POB, photos and audio / video up here soon. As you might've heard we're also doing our latest album in Breda, at Publieke Werken on koninginnenacht together with our friends from All On Black Cock and New Pokerfacial. And, we're not done with Breda this year yet: we have just been confirmed as the closing act on saturdaynight in the Spaanse Kraag tent at the Breda Barst festival. We're looking for more festivals to rock at this summer so please contact us, also to get us on any stage at regular venues / bars / squats / livingrooms any fucking time. We're also still working on some new songs and covers we recorded recently, and we got our 100th show coming up soon AND some limited edition vinyl to celebrate that. Coming sooner than all that: new shirts and hoodies. Coming up even before that: The Unborn, Yawp! and Burning Heads @ Winston in Damsko this wednesday.


Easter Schmeaster

I think it's safe to say we have recovered from last weekend. You might've spotted us abusing drugs, women & alcohol all over Brabant (and Limburg) together with the Greyline and Fehler boys. Same sheet a suit this weekend: on saturday we'll be playing together with Vandal X at Area 51 in Eindhoven and the day after that we got the 1st of 2 integral album performances. This means we're gonna play Good Cop Bad Mood from start to finish at Podium Bloos in Breda. Shitload of other bands playing like Antillectual, Vanderbuyst and Lugosi so see you in a few days. #nowplaying: Zombi - Spirit Animal.


Good weekend coming up

Friday pt. 1: play with The Unborn and Fehler at het Trefpunt in Halsteren. Friday pt. 2 plan A: race from Halsteren to Breda to see Greyline play at de Groene Sael in Breda with Witness The Fall and Avoid. Friday pt. 2 plan B: drink beer in Roosendaal with the Greyline boys and probably end up watching the Justice and / or NOFX DVD's. Saturday: travel to Tienray to play there with Otis, Greyline and Human Demise. Looking forward to it all. Another thing: go download Walker Diver's new cover album for free at his website, it's fucking great.


Bleached anal cavity

This friday (19-3) we will talk shit once again at Stadsradio Breda to do some promo for our upcoming integral album performances in Breda I told you about in the previous newsitem, so tune in at 20:00 via ether or internet. Onno bleached his anus for this one so I guess he might've misread his e-mail. Oh well. The day after that we're playing at De Groote Weiver in Krommenie and tickets will cost you one lousy Euro so come and get it. A full list of upcoming shows in March and April by Black Death artists can be found here.



We had a fantastic time tearing the roof off Tilburg, check out the photos at plus a review at Speaking of which; all the album reviews are pretty much in by now (I guess Aardschok and Oor missed out) so also check that out in the reviews section and you will see that Storm Is Coming received a very nice overall score. We saw little negative criticism and a shitload of thumbs up which made us happy the peppy. Total score of comparisons this time: At The Drive-In, Mastodon, Black Flag (3x), Nomeansno (2x), Fugazi (2x), John Zorn (2x), Slayer, Valient Thorr, Husker Du, Snapcase (2x), Minutemen, Jello Biafra, Coalesce, Breach (2x), Botch, Helmet, Zu, The Ex, Sonic Youth, Yakuza, Unsane, Godflesh (2x), Dag Nasty, Drive Like Jehu, Refused (3x) and Dischord. Not bad. We will do an integral performance of the album on April 29th at Publieke Werken (w/ New Pokerface and All On Black) and we're doing the same with our first album on April 4th at Podium Bloos (w/ Lugosi, Vanderbuyst, Antillectual and a whole lot more) so don't miss out Breda! But, first things first: Krommenie w/ Fehler and Feast next week. Today's random image: Onno Pijl. Today's random quote: "als frikandellen drijven zijn ze gaar".


Jackie is a punk Judy is a runt they both went down to Berlin joined the ice capades

Big up to the folks of Vera, Lugosi, Greyline, Shock, Hunger etc with whom we hung with in Groningen last weekend. Check out photos here if you like. Next up: the Little Devil in Tilburg this friday with Lugosi again, and the boys from Fehler, and DJ Michiel Eikenaar.


Stijve kut

Repost from the Black Death website: BAM! The new records are out! We proudly present Sweet Empire's The Flood 7" EP (blckdth015) and Greyline's much anticipated new album Behind The Masquerade (blckdth016). Release shows are widespread this weekend: Vera in Groningen hosts the Greyline show (with Anaphylactic Shock and more) this Friday, and on Saturday the Black Death party will continue right there with Otis and Lugosi in the basement. That same day you can also go check out the Sweet Empire release (with Union Town and more) at De Groote Weiver in Krommenie. Check the shows section for more details. After the weekend we will air the Black Death online store since it is as good as finished so get ready to spend money! End of repost. In other words: see you this weekend. Oh and while you're at it, also check out the brand new AUC Bookings website and contact them to book us at your show. A bunch coming up but can always use more! Come on!


New Otis live shows are upon you

If we survive the carnaval you can come check us out playing new songs (and new covers) in Groningen, Tilburg, Krommenie, Tienray, Eindhoven, Breda (twice) and Nieuw Vossemeer. More shows (also outside NL) coming up real fucking soon. New recordings are doing well, we will post stuff when finished. And, there's a book out on De Waterput and guess what? We're in it.


You just got killed by a Daewoo Lanos motherfucker

No blogpost in almost a month, what's up with that? Busy with Black Death Records, writing & recording new stuff and working our asses off, that's what! Stay tuned for some new material in our heavily reconstructed MP3 section in a short while. Also: a whole bunch of new shows coming up. We'll be back with more info next week or so, so you better sign up for the mailinglist right now.


Black Snake

Last week we set up some mics in our rehearsel room and ended up with new stuff on tape. I have just uploaded one of these demo recordings at our Myspace page to give you an idea. The song is called Black Snake and you can find the lyrics here. Sorry for the overall crappiness, we hope to do some proper recordings next month so check back soon. I guess that's it from us this year, see you in the next one. Remember to light your fireworks drunk and indoors.


AUC Bookings

We are proud to announce that we've been added to the AUC Bookings roster! So, from now on please e-mail Joep at to get us at your show. AUC Bookings is a brand new agency by the people that brought you but now they're turning it up a notch with management for great bands such as Hooghwater, Supersuckers, The Reactionaries, Union Town and All On Black. We shared the bill with this last band and Lugosi in Rotterdam a few days ago, check out the photos by Iris right there. Oh, and both Otis and Stockholm Syndrome got indexed in the OOR pop-encyclopedia 2010.


Exit Roffa

Exactly one week from now, thursday December 3rd, we will do our last show of 2009 at the Exit in Rotterdam. The entire city will be closed except for this show so everybody in a diameter of 20 kilometers should come the fuck on over. Next to us and local punkrock(st)ers Bat Bites there are bands playing whose members you've seen somewhere before on stage, namely Lugosi (ex-Stockholm Syndrome, ex-Dead Rivers, ex-Bob Miller) and All On Black (ex-Razor Crusade, ex-Betercore, current-Omission and ex-Against Time). In other words: collect those scenepoints, don't miss out.


If I say it's safe to surf this beach then it's safe to surf this beach

Added a bunch of brand new photos from last week's shows in 013 and on the partyboat from Dinteloord. Good times with Kees as an extra drummer. No further shows planned in this line-up, but we hope to record a song with it sometime soon. We'll keep you posted.


Drunken Boat

Yesterday's show in 013 was cool, thank you if you were there. Black Elk is an amazing band so you should go see them this friday in Utrecht with Amen Ra if you get the chance. Special thanks to Eduard who came down last minute from Beverwijk to DJ. Demo sounds great bro! This saturday we got a very nice show lined up for ya: we will rock the party at an insane fest on the partyship Catamaran Castle. This boat has three decks stuffed with DJ's and bands ranging from rock to electro to lounge to punk. The event will start at 21:00 and the ship will set sail from the harbor of Dinteloord after 22:00, and will be back sometime around 1:00. Party will be going strong until somewhere around 3:00 though. Info on ticketsales can be found here. We did a competition via our newsletter last week where you could win tickets for this and the correct answer was Dead Kennedys. Iris and Steffie are the winners, so congratulations and see you on board.


Added a bunch of stuff, supporting Black Elk

Added an interview with Fret magazine and more album reviews here, a new song for y'all to listen to entitled "One Year From Now" at our Myspace profile, and a report from the weekend in France right there. Go check. Next wednesday we have got a supervette show together with Black Elk at 013 Tilburg so get your ass over there and yes, Haverkamp is joining us on drums again.


Just a man with a mind for victory and an arm like a fucking cannon

Halleej! Very happy with all the reviews concerning Storm Is Coming so far. To quote Musicmaker: "Otis is een fantastische band. Serieus, hun live-reputatie was ze al vooruit gesneld dus heb ik de band een keer opgezocht en het was absoluut geweldig. Dit plaatje is niet anders. Sterke, afwisselende nummers, prachtig ongeforceerd gitaarwerk met stiekem fantastische riffs, een mooi concept, gave teksten en fantastische cover art op een mooi doosje." You're welcome. Next Saturday (31-10) we're doing a show with Screw Houston Start Creaming Your Pants at the Elektra in Sliedrecht, and in November we got 2 amazing shows lined up at 013 and at sea so check back here soon for more info and also for the France tourreportje. Oh, and if your e-mails to will remain unanswered this week it's because I'm off to the island of Sardinia so send everything to Barry instead.


Chuck Norris does not wear a watch because he decides what time it is

We somehow managed to make it back alive from France and there will be a full report covering the entire damn weekend with photos and videos up here soon. Thanks go out to Yohan, Celine, Audrey, Onito, the guys from Aside From A Day, Cheesy Lane, Bud Spencer and all the other bands and people that were there and made this something to remember. Another thing: check out this interview on about us and the new album. Now if you'll excuse me I'm gonna slip back into my coma.


I want you to say I love crepes

Yesterday was the best time on stage ever thanks to Kees Haverkamp, photos up here this week for sure. The winner of the "date with Onno" contest's full body shot can be seen here. Be gentle with each other you lovebirds you. Next up: three shows in a row in France this weekend! Totally looking forward to that. La France ici nous venons! Le chien est dans la voiture, j'aime votre pantalon et fromage.


Win free tickets!

We're giving away free tickets to the Rockin' Hard festival this weekend! The question: how many shows did Otis play so far this year, not counting the upcoming ones? Send your answers to, we've got 4 free tickets to give away so be quick. And! If you order tickets through us you can save yourself €5 because only Otis is selling the tickets for just €10 instead of €15. So, also, to order tickets. Competition #2 concerning this event: send your full body shot to and the best one wins a date with Onno. We will announce the winner during the show this sunday (must be 18+ to enter).


Slagerij van Haverkampen

We're gonna do a very special hometown performance at the Rockin' Hard festival with 2 drummers and some more surprises. Also playing that day are Tech 9, The Blackbox Revelation and Jan Akkerman. Shortly after that we are going to play in Paris, Metz and Tours the first weekend of October together with Aside From A Day, Ebenezer Howard and Ludwig Von Dutch. For photos from the shows in Goes and Etten-Leur click there.


Show in France wanted on 3-10

The show in France on Saturday 3-10 is fucked so all you people over there: we need help! The day before we are playing in Paris and the day after in Tours, if you can fix us something please do so. All y'all who can read Dutch check out the interview and competition on about the Storm Is Coming album!


Jello Biafra Paradiso photos

The Paradiso photos of our show with Jello Biafra by a.o. Berserker photography are online now! Proud of that. What up next? This Friday we're playing in Goes with the mighty fine Young Ones, Teenage Lust, Scallywags and This Routine Is Hell and on Sunday we're doing an open air festival in Etten-Leur with (to name a few) Gypsy On The Rocks, When All Light Dies and Claw Boys Claw. And, next week we are artist of the week on starting this Monday! A whole lot more coming up so check back real fucking soon.


I'm doubling up the rent because the building is condemned, you're gonna help me buy City Hall

The show with Jello Biafra and his awesome band in Paradiso's main hall was amazing. I want to tell you more now but I'm too fucked up so more details and photos this week. Thank you goodnight.


Play ethnicky jazz to parade your snazz on your five grand stereo

Our new album is getting very positive reviews so far! You can buy it online now at the webstore, or (if you want more Otis merchandise) you can send us an e-mail for now because our online ordering thingy here is kinda fucked. Sorry. Don't forget to see us open for Jello Biafra this Tuesday! Check the previous newsitem, get your tickets here and see you then!


Jello Biafra And The Guantanamo School Of Medicine

We would like to thank Joep, Jeps, Ben and Jan-Willem for making it possible for us to support Jello Biafra And The Guantanamo School Of Medicine on September 1st in Paradiso's main hall! Woohoo! Jello's new live band features (ex-) members of Victims Family, Rollins Band, Ween and Hellworms just to name a few (Faith No More's Billy Gould played bass on the album but won't be there for the tour because he's on the road with FNM). I guess it's time for me to use the word "siked" for the first time. SIKED! There, I've said it.


Monique Smit

We managed to survive Beverwijk. Thanks to Sweet Empire, the Stroomstoring DJ team and Eduard for making things happen. Apologies to Marc for stealing his Cursed vest. Today's random photo: gaat erop.


Beverwijkse Steekweek

The Beverwijkse Feestweek stands in front of the door again so we're going down to Sodom and Gommorah this saturday to play at the Asgard together with Sweet Empire and a bunch of hardcore DJ's. You should probably come too. Admission: zero. Click here for a photo of a mentally and physically challenged person in a too small inflatable swimming pool.


Clooney has got Darfur, Sting has got the Amazon and Bono has got Aids

We are looking for some shows abroad in October so if you can help us out please do so: we need places to rock on thursday 1-10 and sunday 4-10 in Belgium and / or Luxembourg, and on saturday 31-10 in Germany (Cologne area). Merci beaucoup / danke schoen. We have got a report online about the album release weekend with Nomeansno so check it. Next show: Asgard, Beverwijk. More on that next week or so. Peace out.


I am married to a cigarette butt lying in the gutter

Last weekend was totally awesome. We did 4 shows in 3 days and had an amazing time thanks to Nomeansno and crew and all the people that helped out, came out, hung with us, gave us a place to sleep and / or bought the new cd. There will be a decent report here with a lot of photos like this one as soon as we get to it. Next chance to see us live and pick up the album: this friday at het Trefpunt in Halsteren together with Screw Houston Start Screaming.


New album out now!

Yes! The new album has arrived! Storm Is Coming is our second full-length album and DHL just delivered us 1000 digipacks! This cd has been under construction for over a year now and the result is quite stunning. Thanks to Patrick (recording / mixing / mastering), Bram (illustration), Bart & Iris (photography) and Tony (duplication) for helping us create it all. Plenty of opportunities for you to check us out this weekend and get the album first hand at de Waterput Bergen op Zoom, Tongerloplein Roosendaal, Patronaat Haarlem and Vera Groningen. These last 2 shows are obligatory because Nomeansno is headlining them. Willem Jongeneelen interviewed us about the album for BN De Stem so you might want to check it out, along with the review and photos of last week's final Coalesce show. Now if you'll excuse me I'm gonna go roll around naked in a huge pile of fresh cd's. Woohoo!


New album out on July 10th

The Storm Is Coming releasedate is set for July 10th when we will do an instore showcase at the Waterput in Bergen op Zoom. The next day we're playing at an open air fesival in Roosendaal at 14:00 and at 20:30 we're opening for Nomeansno in Haarlem. The day after that we're also supporting them in Groningen so there are plenty of opportunities for you to come check us out and pick up the new cd that weekend. Before all this we're playing with Coalesce again together with Hammers on the final date of both their European tours this Tuesday in Tilburg. See you then.


Wild Ox Moan

Yesterday we witnessed what I think was the best show of 2009 so far. Coalesce is truly amazing live so you must go see 'em this month. We're looking forward to playing with them again on the 30th and if all goes well I'll see them this Saturday in Antwerp together with Voivod, Torche, Kylesa and more. Great line-up. More show news: we're proud to announce that next to the Nomeansno gig in Haarlem we're also gonna be opening for them in Groningen! Our new album will be out that weekend, more info on all the releaseshows real soon.


Thank you Nozzman

We have sent out the masters to the people at Red Hot to make us 1000 digipacks which means we are going to release Storm Is Coming around 11-7. Check out the front and the back right there, thanks to Nozzman for making an amazing painting based on the album's lyrics. The freak even vomited olive oil all over the thing while naked and listening to The Shaggs over and over. Hm. We will be playing with a.o. Nomeansno (another thank you to Nozzman for the sick poster) on one of the release shows, more dates coming soon. Expect a whole bunch of gigs in 1 weekend, we're trying our best. But, first we're gonna celebrate our split tape release in Damsko this Tuesday! Mario is turning 34 that night which means we're auditioning new singers because this one is getting too old.


What more do you want from me? Some sort of apology?

Alrighty then: OUT NOW! Proceed to the new and improved merch section to get your hands on this and more, or come see us play with Coalesce in Amsterdam and / or Tilburg this month. Looking forward to being blown offstage by these guys on the first and the last date of their maiden voyage to Europe. Get OX now because it's arguebly their best work to date and one of 2009's finest albums so far. Speaking of albums: ours due in less than a month through Black Death once again. It's about time.


The sky is falling and I want my mommy

Just confirmed: on 11-7 we will be supporting Nomeansno in Haarlem! Completely stoked I tell ya. Before this we will play shows with Coalesce but more on that next week or so, when the split with The Unborn is out. We had 14 minutes per band to fill so we managed to get 4 songs on it and The Unborn no less than 16. Extremely limited (50 copies, handnumbered) and available in 6 different colors. Thanks to Rick and Teun from Brainwreck for releasing this.


I'm talking like crazy boyband ass

Shows wanted! Send e-mail and we'll work out a sweet deal because we were born to rock your stage / floor. We got a number of brand new releases coming up throughout the year: before the album there's the split which will be released sometime next month on Brainwreck Records. More releases in the pipeline, more info when we have it. Next show: supporting Coalesce in Amsterdam next month. New photos in the diary: Kabaal Am Gemaal and Babylon. Today's random pic: sexy.


Wall of death

Kabaal Am Gemaal 2009 was pretty legendary. We had an awesome time playing for our biggest crowd so far, and we managed to trigger a circle pit ánd a wall of death. Thank you Wageningen. This Saturday we're off to Belgium again, this time to play in Westmalle. Heard they have great beer there. I might need it since I have been playing with a fractured rib since the Breda show. I have added the audio from last week's radioperformance at 3FM here so you might want to check that out. About new Otis releases: Storm is still coming but first we will do a split with The Unborn. More info real soon. Oh, and this website got showcased at Faster Forward Interactive so take a look.


Hou me vast streel me zachtjes door mijn paard

Had quite a crazy week: on monday we played an utterly insane show in Heijningen (thanks Robert) in one of the smallest en coziest rooms ever, after that we had The Hunger on our floors for 2 nights straight (thanks for the shirts fellas) and on wednesday we rocked the house in Breda, check out the sensational photos here. We were still sweating it off and fingerpointing to some Biohazard and Madball (1996 all over again, thanks Rik) when 3FM gave us a call and wanted us to come over to their studio in Hilversum right away. Tim from New Pokerface handed us the keys to their van and tagged along for the ride. Fuck sleep. Next: Kabaal Am Gemaal this tuesday, find more info about this a few posts back.


Last minute show in Heijningen rock city!

This monday we are doing a very last minute show together with All On Black and The Hunger in the township of Heijningen. The show is in someone's livingroom so dress down and bring your own booze. Go to work all fucked up the next day like a real man. Another thing: the definitive master cd is in and sounds great. 40 minuten schoon aan de haak.


God save the queen she ain't no human being

Due to national festivities we've got a few supercool shows coming up: first up there's Koninginnenacht in Breda together with New Pokerface and more, check out the competition concerning this event here. The next day you can sleep late (if you're Dutch) so come on over and get shitfaced. Next up is Bevrijdingsdag in Wageningen where we will be playing on this huuuge free festival together with de Jeugd van Tegenwoordig, This Routine Is Hell, Miguel Osorio, Jacques Herb, Rene SG, Kubus & Bang Bang, Hooghwater, Willeke Alberti, Rioteer, Vandal X, our brothers from Anaphylactic Shock and the sexiest woman alive Ellen ten Damme. Otis is on at 17:00 at Kabaal Am Gemaal.


You're fucking out, I'm fucking in

Belgium! Here are the Trix pix, thanks to Ben for the show and to Adolina for bringing the Shellac / Drive Like Jehu vibe. Great karaoke afterwards. Also thanks to Geert & crew for organizing another fine edition of Aspirock. We played some soccer, drank some whiskey and unfortunatly had to cut short our set because of technical difficulties. We'll make up for this in the near future, so bear with us Meerle. Today's random photo: click.


Toit like a toiger

It sure as shit was nice last weekend in Eindhoven and Aarle-Rixtel. Check out Iris van Turnhout's pics of the Aloys show here, the pics and vids from the other show will follow soon. Thanks to Kees for driving the bus. Next up: Belgium. We will be playing in Antwerp tomorrow and at Aspirock in Meerle on Saturday.


New Otis website online now!

Here it is folks, the rebuilt and upgraded Otis site. Proud as a dog with 2 cocks right here. A lot has changed and there are a great deal of new photos here, but please note we are still kinda beta testing. Everything will be 100% bugfree and browserproof real soon. Also, check out the MP3 section for a new song called Murat Reis The Younger and for some unreleased demo recordings of songs from Good Cop Bad Mood. Come see us live this weekend in Eindhoven and Aarle-Rixtel where will be playing with The Hunger (both nights), Omission, New Morality, Kill Spectator and a lot more.



This just might be the final update on this ye olde website. We will air a brand new one in about a month thanks to the hardworking overweight people at Faster Forward Interactive. The shows: tomorrow we will be playing in Asten-Heusden together with supercool bands such as Civil Terror, Union Town, The Butcher and a lot more. Thing starts at 15:00. Human Demise will replace Hooghwater this Saturday in Meer-Hoogstraten because HW got more shows that night and now they can't make it on time. Better luck next time! Izah will also be playing then. Looking forward to it all. We've got more shows planned as you can see but more on that later on. What about the album? Some more mixing and mastering to do but we're sure as hell getting close now.


This head movies makes my eyes rain

News: Cast The First Stone is Radio Mortale's hit of the week, we got a bunch of shows up with great bands like Union Town, Izah and Hooghwater, we got indexed at and we would like to welcome the newest member of the family. He crazy.


Two thousand and nine

To quote The Cro-Mags: Best Wishes. The year started out great with a vulgar display of oliebollen eten en bier drinken followed by getting rid of hangovers in Leiden the next day. What is up? This year we will release a new album clocking in around 40 minutes total and it's turning out to be a tad different from Good Cop Bad Mood. We're about to record some backing vocals, saxophone, cello, acoustic guitars and water (I shit you not) and then the mixing will commence. Almost there! Also coming up: a brand new website. And: check the current issue of Up Magazine at your local newsstand because we're in it.


Rob Schneider is The Stapler

Come see us do our last show of 2008 and first show of 2009.


I've been a bad bad boy, father

Album update: we pretty much committed all the music to tape now. Next month we're gonna finish the vocals and additional instruments and after that is da mix. Next show: Saturday 6-6, Middelburg together with The Setup and more. Represent.


Say hi to Sexual Harassment Panda

This Friday it's on at the Boulevard in Breda where we will do a whole bunch of new songs so come see us fuck it all up. There's absolutely positively nothing else to do in Breda that night so I guess you got no choice. First 50 females there get some tongue from Onno.


The more flesh it shows the higher up the ladder it goes

Breda Barst pics up here, various live vids being edited as we speak, plenty new shows coming soon but want more, new album doing fine. Check back soon. Bye.


Tommy Killnigger

The show with Kees on drums went good, thanks to the sack of shit for some great drumming! Videos up here soon. If you haven't got plans for the weekend yet let me tell you what's going down: tonight we're guests in the Local FM studios in Etten-Leur where we will talk the usual shit, and next Sunday we're playing at Breda Barst, 16:30, Spaanse Kraag tent. Another must-see this weekend: The legendary Tommy Killnigger will be doing a reunion show at the unbelievable ZXZW festival, on Saturday in the Extase. I can't believe this is really happening.
[EDIT] P.S. Don't tell Marcus because it's his bachelor party surprise and all. [/EDIT]


Have spermkake

Thanks to the Akkerpop crowd and crew, we surely had a splendid time last Saturday. Check out Peter Uytdehage's pictures of our set right here. Next up: the King Of The Kaloot kitesurf finals and BBQ party! Martijn is away on vacation then, but All On Black's Kees Haverkampf will fill in on drums so God help us all. My guess is that we will fail miserably and will end up naked and covered in feces in a matter of minutes. Be there to witness this already legendary event. And, we've just entered the top 10 in the Watt Rotterdam list! Thanks for voting, if you haven't done it already then please do so now.


Vote for Pedro

Go to Watt's website and vote Otis! Thank you! And, this Saturday we're playing at Akkerpop with a whole bunch of other bands so feel free to drop by. The admission is zero and the beer is cheap.


Cast The First Stone

We have just completed a mixdown of one of the songs from the upcoming album. The thing is called Cast The First Stone and you might have heard it already because it has been in our live set for some time now. Check it!


She had nothing on but the radio

To all the people in Breda, Etten-Leur, Oosterhout and surrounding areas: tune in to 107.3 FM in the ether and 92.9 FM via cable tonight to hear us and a very special guest talk shit on the radio. To the rest of planet earth: Click right thurr. We're on between eight-thirty and ten.


It's like Titanic with bears

Morgen spelen we in de Heksenketel dus beter ben je erbij.


Trained professionals

The first sessions at 195 are in the pocket. The next few months we will return frequently to do more damage and come out with something that has the working title The Drunken Boat. Check out the studioreport here to see trained professionals showing you how it's done. Also added some older videos to the video section, check 'em out.


I follow the Moskva down to Gorky Park

Listening to the wind of change.


I totally want to cut off your skin and wear it to my birthday

Next Saturday we're playing at the Vera together with Anaphylactic Shock so it's surely gonna be a night to remember. Check out the awesome poster here. And make sure to go see The Unborn play with Cursed in Amsterdam tonight.


3voor12 gefeliciteerd

VPRO's 3voor12 has been around for exactly 10 years now. To celebrate this the Breda department invited us a few months ago to play this show which was aired on 3voor12 TV yesterday! If you missed this precious moment in rock history you can check out the livestream right there. Fast forward to 2h28m to see Otis.


New cd in the works

We are currently writing and rehearsing lots of new stuff. Recording will start in less than a month at Patrick Delabie's lair. There's finally a decent video section on this site containing a.o. the Podium Bloos & Verkadehuis shows. Older films coming soon as we get to it. Kinky FM was nice, never saw so many people wearing sunglasses indoors.



The tour is postponed to whenever, don't even start. See you later Europe. Check out pictures and videos from the shows we did the last couple of weeks: first we got 3voor12 Breda photos, next month this show plus an interview by Willem Jongeneelen will be aired on national television! More info coming soon. Then there's pics from the other show in Breda and the party back home. Lots of filmed footage from this last show can be found here. Thanks to Hans Wilders for filming this, his footage from the other show will be up here soon. Massive respect to everyone involved, we had great times all the way. So what's next? This Friday we will talk the talk live on Kink FM in Stacey Rookhuizen's show so you'd better tune in. Peace out.



Before our little voyage into Europe we got some nice things going on close to home this month. Next week we got a gig in Gilze on Saturday, and the rest of the Easter weekend we're spreading the disease in Breda: On Sunday we got Podium Bloos and the day after that we're playing live on 3voor12 in De Vulling. But first, this coming Sunday we're doing the Moshmeeting in Roosendaal together with Born From Pain and a lot more. Party starts at 14:00, Otis is on last in het Verkadehuis at 21:00 sharp.


Kink FM

One month from now (April 11) we're gonna pay Stacey Rookhuizen at the Kink FM studios in Hilversum a little visit because we won the Dutch Delight thing late last year. The week after that we're hopefully gonna do some shows in France and Spain again! Check out the shows section right now, more info and more shows coming up. And, the photos from the show in Deurne are here.



Shitload of new pics added.


Punk is verzet

Because Ivo has died of aids earlier today, July Knives and Circus Bon Voyage will be replaced by Human Demise tonight. Eindhoven gek.


These carrots are not gonna ejaculate themselves

Long time no update, been busy. New photos from the shows in Breda and Tilburg are online and next Thursday you must come on over to Eindhoven to see us share the stage with The Hunger, July Knives and Circus Bon Voyage. I truly hope CBV won't live up to their reputation as spoiled divas like they did in Breda a while back (they cancelled the show on the spot due to the fact that the venue didn't take their catering rider seriously) so we can all relive the magic like I myself witnessed at the show these urban legends gave in Bergen op Zoom last summer. We'll see.


Nobody fucks with the Jesus

Tomorrow night we will be playing at 013's Kleine Zaal at 20:00 sharp. Also playing are Harmful featuring Billy Gould and the mighty COLISEUM! Oh, and we won the Kink FM thingy so we're invited to drop by in Hilversum sometime soon.


Is this thing on?

Stadsradio Breda invited us in their studio again so you can hear us talk shit on the air this Friday between 20:00 and 22:00 on 107.3 FM (ether) or 92.9 FM (cable) if you live in the Breda area. The rest of planet earth can listen to it online.



A last minute show in Breda has been added. Next week we'll be playing at the Boulevard together with The Real Danger & more. And, Coliseum (!) has been added to the bill on November 30th in 013, en wij zijn officieel de oudste mensen ooit met een Hyves account.


Otis back on track

It's been forever since the last update. The past couple of months we've been busy travelling Europe, renovating houses and working on The Unborn's new album. Back to Otis: check out the raving reviews Good Cop Bad Mood has received so far, and come see us next month when we'll be playing in the Mezz on Kink FM's Dutch Delight party and when we're supporting Harmful at 013 right? We got lots of new songs ready for y'all, bearing titles such as Two-Headed Giant and Not Impressed By Your Gaping Wound.


Meldy Peaches

Added a video archive to the site where you can see a surprise performance by The Meldy Peaches during the last part of our set in Eindhoven last Friday.



Our new album is harvesting lots of good reviews, check 'em out in the reviews section. Also check out the nifty MP3 player I added to the downloads section, now you can listen to the entire album online. To all you peeps living in the Eindhoven area: come check us out on the 21st at The Rambler and the 27th at Area 51. Eindhoven de gekste.


Donde esta la cerveza

As promised the pictures from our trip to Spain and back.


My erection has nothing to do with you

Our very first shows abroad turned out great. We had an amazing weekend down south, pics up here soon. Another good thing was last Friday, when we partied hard in Tilburg with the Vatican Analog clique, Anaphylactic Shock, Rush'n Attack and the sexy Meldy Peaches. The day after we rocked the BOHO in Bergen op Zoom together with July Knives and the amazing Circus Bon Voyage. Surely a name to look out for.


New cd and shirt available now

Thanks to everyone who came down to our release show! We got photos from that night and from the day after (in Groningen) online here. So, the cd is out! We've also picked up new t-shirts at today. Thanks for the great service guys! For those of you interested in the new items send e-mail but you'll have to wait until next week for an answer because we're leaving for France and Spain tomorrow morning. Bob Miller himself will be driving so it's gonna be wild.


At night we ride through mansions of glory in suicide machines

We're gonna have a party in the Oude Danserije in Roosendaal with our good friends from Daily Fire, Gomer Pyle and The Missing Coins. That night only we're having a discount on the album since it's the releasedate and everything so we can hook you up with a copy for only five euros. How nice of us. The day after we're invited to play in Groningen at Nico's birthday party together with Rush'n Attack and a lot more so I think that weekend is as cool as it can possibly get.


Viva la France!

We're planning a weekend in France at the end of May. We're looking for shows on Friday 25-5 and Sunday 27-5. Anyone who can help us out: Let us know! Merci beaucoup. Check out NRA's blog for more about this, in French. Thanks Gwynn!


Death to false metal

Check out a brand new MP3 called Dead Air right here or on our Myspace page. Vincent Koreman mastered it and I finished the artwork so now it's up to the pressing plant to deliver the goods. Let's hope they will do a better job than the stupid fucks that screwed up the split 10" w/ DF last year.


Michel bedankt!

Check out the pictures from Michel's farewell show!


That's the way I like it baby I don't wanna live forever

The place to be this Saturday is the Internationaal (The Bar Formerly Known As Wally's Place) in Roosendaal rock city, where you can check Michel's very last show with Otis. Other bands playing are Tenement Kids, All On Black and Restless Youth. Plus: Onno went from temp to steady, so welcome aboard Onno! The latest on the album: we hope it's out next month. Check out the front cover hiero.


Here come the pigs

As you can see we got a brand new website with a whole lotta love on it. Come check us out in Zwolle w/ Callisto and Daily Fire tonight!


Blue steel

Added a shitload of photos from past shows.


Exit Michel

Due to an extremely busy personal life Michel has decided to part ways with Otis to focus on his family. We deeply regret his departure but good luck and happiness to them, and thanks a hell of a lot for everything so far. Michel's final Otis shows will be on 17-2 in Leiden and 31-3 in Roosendaal. Some good news: we're not out of the running because of this because Michel's temporarily replacement goes by the name of Onno and his first shows with us are on 10-2 in Sint Oedenrode and 20-2 in Zwolle. Thanks for helping us out dude! We're now looking for a highly motivated bass player (m/v) from the West-Brabant area who is willing to sacrifice a lot of free time to rock and party. Contact us if you got what it takes. Other news: we did an incredible covershoot for the upcoming album! We would like to thank Tonny for shooting amazing pictures, and John and Noortje for posing their asses off in the freezing cold.


I got a fever and the only prescription is more cowbell

Good times in Eindhoven last Saturday w/ lots of (old) friends. What's next? Well, we've got a couple of shows together with Callisto from Finland and our friends from Daily Fire. Yesterday we finished recording the forthcoming album, we're gonna mix and master the thing next month. Check back soon for new MP3.


Straight bourbon redneeeeecks

Last Friday was amazing. Tenement Kids were pretty cool and NRA played one of the best shows I've seen so far this year. Next: January 6th at Dynamo in Eindhoven together with the aforementioned bands plus Restless Youth. It doesn't get any better than that folks, so see you then. Prettig uiteinde.


I have! No excuse!

Crawling back up after the unfortunate events last month: as you can see Otis and Patrick Delabie are currently working really hard at Studio 195 to record our debut full length. These sessions will be interrupted on the 12th to get busy on Radio Mortale and on the 15th to play this years final Otis show at 013 together with Tenement Kids and one of the best punk band in the world: the NRA.



Yesterday most of Michel's house was destroyed by fire so we cancelled all upcoming activities. Thank God Michel and his family are unharmed, we wish them the best of luck to recover from this tragedy.


Ooh Pip Pip cancelled

Due to sustained injuries The Ooh Pip Pip Ooh Pip Pip Yeah have cancelled all upcoming shows. That will show you not to attempt a human pyramid while being very drunk in a small dressing room. Tomorrow at the Vera in Groningen they will be replaced by the cocaine driven stoner rock monster Gomer Pyle. Hopefully more news about replacements next week, when we will be playing in Rotterdam, Tilburg and Klazienaveen with God knows who...


Yada yada yada

Had fun and hangovers in October so far and we're wrapping up this month tomorrow in Nieuw Vossemeer. To promote this event some newspaper interviewed us so check it out. More good stuff: November will bring us 4 shows with the Ooh Pip Pip Ooh Pip Pip Yeah.


If you can dodge a wrench you can dodge a ball

Friday The Pitt in Roosendaal will close its doors after being the coolest metaldisco in town since we were old enough to drink. Already a legendary evening, so come on over to collect memoribilia before the building gets levelled... The week after that we'll be playing at the King Of The Kaloot fest on the beach of Borssele, right next to the chain reactor. For only € 15 unlimited quantities of alcohol will be yours! Party time denk.


Fuck the police

The show at the Bar En Boos tonight just got cancelled because all crime in Leiden and surrounding areas was solved so the police focused on shutting down the squat in question. See you in Tilburg tomorrow.


Diversity is an old wooden ship

We're playing at the Bar En Boos in Leiden, at the ZXZW festival (!) in Tilburg, at the very first Hospital Beds (ex-Stockholm Syndrome, ex-Envy The West) show in Breda, and at quite a bunch of other shows next month and the month after that. Flyer: click.


Other bands play Manowar kill

Tomorrow we'll probably have the time of our lives playing with the Ooh Pip Pip Ooh Pip Pip Yeah, Gastric Female Reflex, Crank Sturgeon and Filthy Turd. It's a free show so please drop by at the Little Devil in Tilburg to bang your fucking head or to get feces thrown at you. Hasta manana! And, we've booked Studio 195 again, this time to record a full-length album. Working title: Good Cop Bad Mood. Check back soon for more news.


You couldn't protect a cup of warm piss

Check out the pictures from most of the shows we did last month. We had good times thanks to Joep, Nico, the guys in Daily Fire, The B Sharps and All On Black. Next Friday you can hear us talk shit & spin some wax on Stadsradio Breda, so if you live somewhere in the Breda area then tune in to 107.3 FM (ether) and 92.9 FM (cable) from eight until ten o' clock. The day after you must represent at the Boulevard around nine because we will be performing there together with Engine Of Doom.


10" vinyl out now

We'll be playing 4 shows next weekend with a.o. Daily Fire, The B Sharps and All On Black in the cities of Roosendaal, Alphen aan den Rijn, Hoorn and Amsterdam. The kick-off is next Friday around 21:00 in Rockendale. Check various flyers concerning these events here. And did I mention the split 10" with DF is finally out? Well, it is, and we've also got t-shirts as well.



Yesterday Michel and Stephanie became the proud parents of a baby girl named Kris! She was born 7 weeks early but she and her parents are doing just fine. Gefeliciteerd!


Recording some more

Just got back from Studio 195 where we recorded a few songs. Check 'em out here and check out the pictures here.


Natural Born Firemen

Starting next month we'll be playing all over Holland together with our friends from The B Sharps, Daily Fire, All On Black and Engine Of Doom so don't miss out. Check out the shows section to find out where the parties are at.



Check out some pictures from the shows in Tilburg and Ossendrecht in the photo section.


Ignore the emphasis on competition

The 013 show went well. We haven't got enough songs yet for a decent live show but an Avail cover and lots of feedback did the trick. Tomorrow there's a free show featuring yours truly at the Dennenheuvel squat located in the woods near Ossendrecht, and next week we will be representing and rockin' out at the Unity Rally in Hardenberg. Check out the flyers here and here. More shows coming up, as well as 10 inches of fucking vinyl.


5 terrorists going southeast on Bakalakadaka street

A few days ago we played an okay 1st live set at the Little Devil! Later that night we were caught red-handed in criminal activities so it's safe to say we had an overall good start. What's next? We'll be supporting Rye Coalition on their only headlining Dutch show apart from the big Foo Fighters tour. 013's where the party's at, February 1st. Tilburg yo.



Check out Th@nkz 4 tha add!



We hope to have a split release out with the fuckers from Daily Fire somewhere around spring 2006, when we will be playing our very first shows. Here are some shots of us recording our part of the deal at Studio 195 with Patrick Delabie. You can check out one of the songs in the MP3 section.


Online as fuck

Welcome to the Otis website. There's nothing to say yet except that we're a new band called Otis and that this website is under construction.